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Restoring carpets that have been blacked from a fire is a difficult task. All is not lost! Our professional carpet cleaners can successfully remove the soot and dirt and restore your carpet.

Smoke damaged carpet cleaning

24 Hour

Emergency Services

People often think they can successfully dry out their basements or clean smoke damaged carpets on their own.

If not properly dried, damp carpets will result in mold growth and damage to the floor underneath.

Trying to recover from smoke damage on your own can result in  driving the soot further into the carpet, making it impossible to clean.

Get professional help

If you have water or fire damage, don't hesitate and take action by calling us immediately to fix your problem.

Don't wait, call today!

Flooded basement?

If your basement has flooded due to storms, burst pipes, or a failed sump pump, we can help get you dry again and avoid further damage. Damp basements will result in mold growth, ruining your carpet, getting in your walls, and have negative effect on your health. We will extract the water and pull the carpet back to dry out the padding.

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