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Furniture gets a lot of use, and can even get dirty if no one ever sits on it because of dirty air ducts. We can move and clean your furniture so it looks and feels like new again.

Renew your couch or favorite chair

Furniture Cleaning

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We clean upholstered furniture in offices as well as homes. Desk chairs, sofas, and other furniture can quickly get worn from extensive use in an office setting. Extend the life of your furniture and protect your investment.

You might need more than your favorite spray cleaner and cloth. Call  the experts at Excalibur Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning at 810-664-9405. Professional cleaning gets out more than just the dirt, remove all the unwanted dust, mildew, and other allergens from your home.

Can't get out that tough stain?

Upholstered furniture must be cleaned by a professional

Whether your furniture is upholstered with vinyl, leather or fabric, we have the ability to clean it without damaging results. We can safely clean cotton, rayon, wool, silk and all of the synthetic fibers.

Residential and commercial upholstery cleaning